William Pacholski

Director of the Portland Psychic School


Make an appointment below for a new student orientation meeting, a Clairvoyant Training enrollment meeting, or a professional reading or healing. Alternative appointment times are available for International clients if you contact me directly via email at william@portlandpsychic.school.

Psychic Readings - $195/1 Hour
Energy Healings - $100/30 Minutes
Spiritual Healing Packages - $350/4 30-minute Sessions (once a week)
Informational and Enrollment Meetings - Complimentary

I am enthusiastic about psychic readings and healings as a way of helping others find and help themselves; to understand the way energy impacts them, to help them see how they can take back autonomy and ownership of their lives and move forward towards their spiritual and creative goals. I have given tens of thousands of readings and healings since I started my practice in 2005. This work is both an artistic passion and vocation for me; I am working with energy as a psychic every single day - both in my own life and as a service for my clients and students. 

I have an affinity for working with other men on a spiritual path as well as artists, musicians, actors, writers, and all manner of creatives - but I love reading and healing with a passion, so I am happy to work with anyone who is curious, interested, and seeking new information and a renewed sense of self in the world. People often tell me that my readings are different from other psychics they have been to, and I find this validating - in the end, I believe that reading energy is an art and not a science. I am proud to bring my own individual style and unique artistic perspective to this ancient art form practiced and handed down through the ages by a lineage of seers, seekers, mystics, mediums, and wisdom seekers.

I have been teaching Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Healing in a variety of artistic and professional settings for 7 years, and find working with sensitive people to help them regain their seniority and autonomy in working through the energy they encounter in their lives both rewarding and fun. In 2015, after living the life of my dreams in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Minneapolis I left my career as a Creative Director / Corporate Consultant for Fortune 100 organizations and moved to the Pacific Northwest and founded Portland Psychic School, which offers psychic development classes and training programs both in Portland, Oregon and online around the world via webcam through the Online Psychic School. I have been fortunate that many of the friends and colleagues I’ve made along the way in my seeking have joined me here to create an inclusive space where sensitivity is celebrated and magic is not only possible, but part of the everyday.