William Pacholski

Director of the Portland Psychic School

When booking your appointment, please indicate in the "notes" field if you plan to experience by phone/webcam or in-person. Instructions for both are sent in the email confirmation. Alternative times are available for International clients if you contact me directly.

About Me

My whole life I have been drawn to the magical, the esoteric, and the alchemical. Since childhood I have had a sense that in everything I did, everyone I met, everything that I experienced there was something hidden to sense, to see, to know. Sometimes the things I sensed or knew were scary and overwhelming. Because of this, like many others, I learned to tune down my awareness, dull down my senses, and turn off my connection to magic and spirit. 

As a teenager I felt out of place in my own life, and found refuge in creative writing and the performing arts - but I never stopped seeking those elusive hidden things. I have come to appreciate that seeking is not about finding anything at all. The thing that the seeker seeks is him or herself. The seeking itself is the path of the Mystic.

In finding my vocation as a psychic reader, healer, and teacher that part of myself that is always seeking has found purpose, cause, and meaning. In learning how to work with energy I have a form and tools to understand the things I sense, see, and know - and I am safe and comfortable enough to bring spirit and magic into my life. This is the thing the seeker craves; to bring their spirit more fully into everything they do and experience. 

Since I started working with psychic tools over a decade ago I have given thousands of readings and healings, and have completed over two thousand hours of professional training in psychic abilities, meditation tools, and energy awareness - including focused study in Clairvoyance, Working with Spirit Guides, Intuition, Energy Healing, Astral Body Travel, and Trance Channeling / Mediumship.  

I have so much gratitude for this work, and for working with others who have found themselves seeking a more authentic experience of self in the world. I am passionate about sharing what I've learned, and I have a deep affinity for working with men on a spiritual path as well as artists, musicians, writers, and all manner of creatives.

Originally from the midwest, I have lived all over the country including stints in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Minneapolis - but I have found my home among the foodies, Willamette River, old-grown forests, hipsters, and fellow "makers" and creatives of all kinds in Portland, Oregon.