William Pacholski

Director of the Portland Psychic School

When booking your appointment, please indicate in the "notes" field if you plan to experience by phone/webcam or in-person. Instructions for both are sent in the email confirmation. Alternative times are available for International clients if you contact me directly.

About Me

My whole life I have been drawn to the magical, the esoteric, and the alchemical. As a child I had a sense that in everything I did, in everyone I met, in everything I experienced there was something hidden to sense, see, and know. Sometimes what I picked up on was scary or overwhelming. Sometimes it brought healing or joy. Like many other sensitives, I learned quickly to tune down my awareness, dull my senses, and turn off my connection to energy and spirit. 

As a teenager I felt out of place in my own life. Where I had once been dynamic and enthusiastic, I floundered and lost connection to myself. I found refuge in creative writing and the performing arts, but never stopped seeking a connection to the hidden side of life. Unusual circumstances and unmistakable signs continued to show up, always guiding me back to my sensitive awareness to energy and spirit. I have come to know that the seeking a sensitive person feels is not about finding anything at all. The seeking itself is the path of the Mystic.

In finding my vocation as a psychic reader, healer, and teacher the part of myself that is always seeking has found purpose, cause, and meaning. In learning how to work with energy I have a form and tools to understand the things I sense, see, and know - I am safe and comfortable enough to bring my own spirit and magic into my life. This is the thing the psychic - or mystic - craves; to bring their spirit more fully into everything they do and experience. 

In 2015 I transitioned out of a successful career as a corporate consultant and created Portland Psychic School as a place where learning about energy and being psychic in the world is validated, and can be fun. I still enjoy a connection to the performing arts, traveling frequently to New York and London to see theatrical events and concerts. Originally from the midwest, I have lived all over the country including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis - but I have found my home among the foodies, Willamette River, old-grown forests, hipsters, "makers" and creatives of all kinds in Portland, Oregon.