Art of the Seer

Clairvoyant Training Program

An in-depth space of self-study; six months or a year in length focusing intently on the psychic ability of Clairvoyance. This affords a longer commitment to the growth and development of your psychic tools - and also a more structured environment to learn and explore about yourself. Students begin with the year long Clairvoyant Training, move on to Advanced Clairvoyant Trainings which are offered both in person and online depending on the semester. 


Online Clairvoyant Training

Next Training Class Begins January 2019
Part of the Online Psychic School

Re-designed from the ground up for an optimal online experience.
Available to students from around the world.
Enrollment is open now!

The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite.


Portland Clairvoyant Training

Next Year Long Training Class Begins January 2019

A safe space, structured path, and supportive community for exploring your psychic abilities, in person at our school in NW Portland, Oregon.
Enrollment opens December 2018.

The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite.


Advanced Clairvoyant Trainings

These trainings are available to graduates of the year long Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training. They alternate both online and in-person each year. Additional Graduate level trainings are available by invitation.

Clairvoyant Immersion Weekends

Twice a year we hold weekend long retreats for our Online and In-Person Clairvoyant Students, which includes those who have graduated from our training programs and wish to continue their study or keep up their practice and tools. In these weekends we teach techniques, concepts, and tools that are not normally included in our classes - or deeper, more immersive classes on past favorites.