Student Readings & Healings


Clairvoyant Student Readings

60 Minutes / $45
Starting July 16th, 2017

Online via webcam
Thursdays at 12pm (Pacific Time)
Sunday at 11am and 12pm (Pacific Time)

In Portland at PPS
Sundays at 11am and 12pm Noon

Students in our Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training offer 60 minute, 7-layer aura readings for $45. In these readings, the students will take a look at the energy present in your aura, and how that energy in impacting your life experience. This format includes time to ask the reader a question or two about your life. Usually there will be several students in your reading appointment, practicing their abilities. These readings are overseen by a PPS teacher and are available throughout the week both in-person and online via webcam. To make an appointment, contact or use the form below.


Modern Mystic Healings

30 Minute Group Healing Session / $35
Online via webcam

Third Tuesdays at 7:30pm (Pacific Time)
Limited to 5 participants each month

Many people feel they are not living on a spiritual path, or that to be "spiritual" they must radically change their life to include a sense of meaning and purpose - this is not entirely true. Things have meaning because you bring the meaning to them. Things are your purpose because you've made them your purpose.

Everything you do - every achievement, goal, challenge, relationship and situation is a part of your spiritual path because (and if) you bring your spirit to it. You spirit can be defined as your energy, your enthusiasm, your creativity and passion.

In this online healing session advanced students at the Portland Psychic School will give you a reading and a healing to help you take a step in relationship to the spiritual goals you set out for yourself in this lifetime.

No experience necessary; Instructions and details will be sent to your prior to the healing once you sign up. Limited to five people per month. Try something new and give to yourself in a fresh, exciting way!