William Pacholski Psychic Medium Psychic Teacher Clairvoyant Teacher

William Pacholski, Director

When I was growing up, I was really into magic, the esoteric, spirituality, and alchemy. During different periods of my life I have expressed these interests in diverse ways, and I have come to appreciate that the path of the mystic takes many forms, and changes over time as you do. Everyone is “spiritual” in some way, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

The day I took my first psychic meditation class, I knew that not only was this the practice for me, but these tools where the kind of magic I'd been looking for my whole life. Since starting my study in earnest 13 years ago, I have given thousands of readings and healings and have completed over two thousand hours of professional, intensive training in psychic abilities, meditation tools, and energy awareness - including teaching and working with Clairvoyance, Men's Clairvoyance, Intuition, Energy Healing, Astral Body Travel, and Trance-Mediumship. I love sharing tools and space with others who have also found themselves seeking a different understanding of the self and the world, and the relationship between the two.

The Portland Psychic School is my vocation, my passion, and my chosen expression in the world as a psychic, a healer, a teacher, a creative, and leader. It is a culmination of all my seemingly disparate parts; the path that has emerged from what seems like many different lifetimes in just this one. I am the director, principal teacher, and oversee all aspects of the school. In 2015 I left a successful corporate career as a consultant to teach full-time.

Perhaps it's my Scottish poet/mystic/storyteller heritage, but I also have a love for and lifelong involvement in the arts - specifically theater, music, and performance; this is why I chose to create the Portland Psychic School like an arts conservatory with structured tracks and in community with other teachers - I believe it takes a dedicated village with many different perspectives to create safe and supportive space to explore energy awareness, creativity, and go on the path inward as psychic.

I have lived all over the country, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis - but I have found my home among the foodies, Willamette River, old-grown forests, hipsters, and fellow "makers" of all kinds in Portland, Oregon.

Shannon Swallow, Clairvoyant Teacher

I grew up having multiple intuitive experiences--they were few and far between when I was younger, but got more intense and closer together as I got older. Because they mostly scared me, I tried to shut them down and pretend like they didn’t happen. I went on that way through my entire twenties. But there’s that old adage "whatever you resist, persists’’ and I found that the more I ignored this part of myself, the more the experiences intensified. One day in a serendipitous twist of fate, a teacher steered me to a psychic school in Chicago. In retrospect, the biggest challenge I had before I found the school was that I had no one to talk to who could help me understand what I was going through. But as I explored and discovered my talents in the safety of a community where this was the norm, I thrived. I took years and years of training and then started my professional reading and healing practice 13 years ago. I started teaching because this work changed my life in profound ways and very simply, I want to help others do the same. Book a private appointment for a reading or healing with me at www.shannonswallow.com.

Ryan Fukuda Psychic Teacher Medium Clairvoyant Teacher

Ryan Fukuda,
Professional Reading Coach and Clairvoyant Teacher

I've identified with being a healer even before my first meditation class back in 1999. Like most of you, I was quite empathic growing up. After 17 years of training through psychic schools and professional experiences, I joyfully play in the game of life as a highly aware, creative-psychic-healer-thingy. Currently, I'm established in the Bay Area continuing my education and practice along with building community awareness surrounding the mystic arts. I teach in the Meditation and Energy Healing classes online as well as various online workshops and events. 

Find out more about me and book a private appointment at www.ryanfukuda.com