Spiritual Activism


Upcoming class information

  • ONLINE Thursdays starting May 3rd

  • Cost is $325 for the five week class

  • Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite, Everyone who has completed that class is welcome to enroll. See our upcoming class times here. 

Spiritual Activism is a specialty meditation class taught for five weeks by Kris Cahill. It is available to any student who has taken Psychic Meditation 1 at PPS. 

Bring your spirit to the revolution!

We are living in a time of brilliant transformation on earth. The old ways - the structures and pictures we have lived within - are all up for examination, destruction, and transformation.

On every level of our planet, change is happening. This is revolution, and like all revolutions, this one began at the level of the spirit. This is spiritual evolution.

When you transform your spirit, you transform your life. Transform yourself and you bring healing to others and to earth.

This class will cover these topics and more:

  • Having your space with change
  • Healing the planet starts within yourself
  • Keeping your energy moving in times of transformation
  • Non-resistance and the Resistance
  • Stepping out of the Us vs. Them game
  • Power and powerlessness - your relationship to power
  • Conscious action: energy matching and un-matching
  • Leadership, vision, and communication
  • Lies and truth

Tuition for this class is $325; it is taught online so that students from around the world may participate in this class.

* Psychic Meditation is the pre-requisite for all of our trainings and specialty classes, and is the place to get started.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us via the form below.