Sheyla De Jesus


About Me

From a very young age I learned the healing properties associated with forgiveness. I have been learning, teaching, and reading for 8 years in search of grace, passion, and truth. I have used psychic tools to transform my life in many ways - from playing with rainbow colored hair, to creating success in a new career, and finding the love of my life. Recently I got married and moved to Portland to start a family of my own. The challenges I have faced have been a testament to my ability to read and heal working from the energy of forgiveness. 

I grew up in a home that spoke two languages. Coming from a diverse heritage (Puerto Rican, Mexican and American) has allowed me the fulfilling opportunity to create my own path culturally. I offer healings and readings in Spanish and English with a signature latin flair. 

I am also passionate about female energy. Being a woman has many moving parts. The beauty in which women can create and attract is mystical. I've found gratitude assisting women in finding  their own unique female energy. Watching women transform has been an experience I have the highest affinity for. 

 With many years of nanning under my belt, I naturally connect with parents, families, and children. I have a unique, fun, and gentle way of communicating with children that allows the truth of the child's spirt to shine brighter. Working with children ages 3 to 8 year olds, I have a desire to hold space for children to learn tools that allows them to create with courage and certainty. 
Clairvoyant Readings are $125/hour
Energy Healings are $75/30 Minutes