Sheyla De Jesus


Clairvoyant Readings are $150/hour

Energy Healings are $75/30 Minutes

I was raised in a Spanish-speaking home in which I was the first to learn the energy of forgiveness – which assisted in the healing of trauma and jumpstarted forward movement both for me and my immediate family. In recognizing my psychic ability to use the energy of forgiveness as a tool for healing, eight years ago I made a bold choice to leave my career as an au pair career in order to be a reader and healer.  The transformative journey I have been on using psychic meditation and healing tools, and now teaching those tools to others, has been a dream come true.  

My experience as an au pair equips me to easily connect with families, parents, and children. I have a distinctive, fun, and gentle method of communicating with children that allows the child's spirit to really shine through and be seen as they realize the power of creating from their own energy and working with the energies of courage and certainty. 

I am very passionate about female energy and have found tremendous gratitude and healing in that work. Watching women transform by using the psychic meditation tools has been a revolutionary experience for me. Being a woman has many moving parts, and the beauty in which women can create, attract, and repair is mystical. Since meeting and marrying my husband, the growth and healing I’ve experienced in my own marriage has inspired me to not just work with individuals, but to couples as well.

Having read, healed, and taught psychics for several years in Chicago, I am excited to continue impacting people’s lives in Portland – my new home away from home. We all have the capacity to heal, but many of us need guidance in identifying our truth and igniting the magic and power already within us in order to create all we want in life.  

To book with Sheyla, contact her directly at or (773) 490-8771‬. You can also book online using the tool below.