Ryan Fukuda


READING Appointments ARE

AStral body healings are
$100/30 min


EMAIL Ryan@portandpsychic.school or
call 714-724-1323

Please note I do not accept walk-in appointments, although I occasionally have same-day availability. Please call, email, or schedule online in advance.

Student appointments are available if you are enrolled in a training and need to meet with me, or are interested in learning more about our classes, workshops, or training programs.


Very early in life, I found that being a modern day psychic is all about making the choice to be more aware everyday. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are; there is great value in being conscious of where you direct your attention and how you live your truth.

I took my first psychic meditation class after my 8th grade graduation. In my years of training in the form, I simultaneously developed my skills as a filmmaker and creative producer. I began my work as a professional intuitive healing practitioner in 2009 at a unique beauty & wellness space, supporting clients in building customized wellness plans using various clairvoyant and healing techniques. As I continued to hone my craft as a creative professional, I also taught meditation workshops for professionals, performed healing demonstrations and spoke about the healing industry at events in Chicago.

Over the years, I've conducted thousands of psychic readings and healing at independent retail store events, salons, spas, schools, company meetings, art galleries, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, and one time for an entire group of 42 enthusiastic churchgoers in the suburbs of Illinois. I love this work dearly.

I’m currently established in the Bay Area, continuing my education and practice along with building community awareness surrounding the mystic arts. I oversee the Clairvoyant Training Reading Lab and teach online in the trainings. My focus as a teacher is to provide a safe space for students to explore and develop their psychic abilities while creating the life they want: failure, discomfort and amusement included.