Student & Guest Resources

We take a lot of care to provide the best resources to our students to be in communication with the school and with each other. 

The link below will take your to our school software that allows you to schedule appointments, sign up for classes and workshops, and manage your account.

Follow down this page for instructions and details you'll need before all your classes and appointments so you can be prepared and have the best experience possible.

Visiting our school in NW Portland, Oregon

Online Appointments and Classes


We are located at 1722 NW Raleigh Street, #402 in the Northwest Neighborhood of Portland. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for appointments and classes.

Do not park in the Activspace parking lot, it is only for tenants and you will be ticketed or towed! Street parking is plentiful and safe around the building.

The entrance to the building is an elevator located in the parking lot near the OFFICE. Find "Psychic School" on the Call Box (or dial 402) and call us. We will send the elevator down to get you.

We have filtered water and hot tea available for our guests and students.

Contact us if you are having any trouble -, or call us at (971) 998-6380

Portland Psychic School Online Clairvoyant Training Mediumship Classes Learn to be Psychic

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device with the link provided or the phone number and access code given to you at the time of your enrollment. If you need the link, contact your teacher.

  • Remember, you'll want a holder or stand for your device if its a phone or tablet, and definitely headphones! It's hard to hold your device for that long!
  • Please be in a quiet room, alone, for the session. You won't want any distractions from friends, family, pets, etc. It is not appropriate for other people to be in the room with you while you are in a class or appointment. It is not appropriate to take a class or have a reading in a coffee shop, outside at a park, etc. You want to be grounded and in a private space. 
  • Great, fast, internet will make your experience so much better. Please position yourself near your wireless router. You may want to call your internet provider and make sure you have the optimal speed for video conferencing. 
  • Download the free online classroom app, Zoom Meetings, to your PC, phone, or tablet here:

If you have a questions contact, or call us at (971) 888-5905

Mobile App for Clairvoyant Training Program Students


We are excited to announce that PPS now has it's very own App available for download for FREE on the iTunes and Google Play/Android Store. (the buttons to the left link to the download pages). 

What does this mean for you? 
As a student in our training programs, you can now view and manage your schedule and monthly tuition payments, class enrollments, and reading lab time sign-ups on the go. 

What do I do? 
Go download the app! Then sign-in using your same log-in from the Pike13/PPS Student Account. You'll immediately see your upcoming schedule including classes, reading labs, etc. 

Why should I do this? 
We love to give you the autonomy to manage your own reading lab schedule, so you can choose times that work for you. So if you're planning on coming to a reading lab, you can just select the time and sign yourself up. If you can't make a time, or your schedule changes, just remove yourself from the roster. This is going to allow you to manage your own schedule in real-time, so we always know when to expect you!