Relationship Workshop


Relationship Workshop
Sunday, October 28th 2pm-4pm in Portland
with Shannon Swallow

This workshop is meant to help you reset your relationships – whether it’s with family, friends, work colleagues or partners. You create so many relationships with people in your life. Some are fleeting, some lifelong, but you probably never look at the energy of them. So quite often, you’ll be in past pictures, agreements or energies that really get in the way of seeing what you could have with a person in the present moment. That can make it really hard to move forward, especially if you’ve changed and grown and have new mockups you want to fulfill.

This workshop focuses on cleaning out the old and bringing in the new in your relationships: new vitality, new energy, new mockups.

This workshop is taught by Shannon Swallow and is open to everyone who has taken the Psychic Meditation Class. Enrollment is $65 and limited to 15 people.

For questions, please email or call 503-765-7070.