Professional Readings & Healings


Readings are
$100/30 Minutes

anD are done in-person, via phone,
or via webcam online.

Psychic Energy Healings are $75 for 45 minutes and only available in-person.

Call (971) 888-5905 or email

Professional Readings and Healings with William Pacholski

As a professional psychic with over a decade of experience and over two thousand hours of training, William provides to his clients an intimate, accurate, and special experience in private appointment. In a reading you will get clarity and insight about where you are working with energy in different areas of your life. You will also get clarity from a psychic energy perspective on where things are stalling out your growth, creativity, and life experience.

Readings are 60 minutes in length and can be given in-person at the school, over the phone, or on-line via webcam.
The first half hour is dedicated to a cold reading - William will look at your energy and tell you what he sees. During the second half hour, you are welcome to ask specific questions; this is a great way to get information about any area of your life where you are feeling stuck, or looking for a next step, or looking for more - artistically, creating professional opportunities, finding joyful relationships, or simply creating the life of your dreams.

30 minute readings are available by phone or webcam only, and this appointment type is for people who have just a direct question or want a quick hello. I will read a few pictures of what's going on with you, and there is time for a question or two.

In a Psychic Energy Healing, you are seated in a chair, or laying on a massage table and I direct energy in a way that works to clear blocks and stuck energy from the physical body, your aura, etheric body, astral body and other parts of your psychic anatomy. Healings are done mostly in silence; the difference between a reading and a healing is that in a reading it's all about information and communication, and in a healing it's all about moving energy.

To a psychic, everything is energy. Change the energy, and change your life.