Psychic Yoga Healing Workshop

Learn to use your psychic tools and abilities in your yoga or movement based practice.
This workshop is open to all students, at all levels, including beginners.

Come join Emily Robinson, Yoga instructor and Psychic Teacher, in this unique Psychic Yoga Healing workshop. You will learn what it’s like to work with your psychic abilities while doing yoga as well as other forms of movement and physical activity. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, insecure, pressure to perform, or just not sure how to deal with different energies that come up for you in your yoga practice, this is a great workshop for you.  There are so many different feelings and emotions that may arise as you move through your practice.  Being psychic is all about sensing energy and learning what you do with that energy. So as energy comes up for you, whether it’s emotions, feelings, doubts, you can start to learn how to separate out from those energies, let them go, and reconnect back to your own truth about who you are and where you are in present time. 

For this workshop we will be working with very basic yoga poses and movements so it is open to all levels.  Please bring a mat and comfortable, movement appropriate attire. 

Sunday, July 22nd at 2pm-4pm

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