Modern Mystic Healings

Online via Webcam


Modern Mystic Healings, offered by the advanced Clairvoyant students in our Spiritual Autonomy Training are available online via webcam on the last Sunday of each month at 5pm Pacific time. 

These sessions have a tendency to fill up fast, so we offer a waiting list and if someone can't make it -  you will get confirmation up to an hour before if a spot opens up. 

March 25th - 5pm
April 29th - 5pm
May 20th - 5pm

To participate in this healing, please sign up using the button above. A credit card is required to book the appointment but will not be charged until the time of service. Cost of the session is $25.

Please check out our resource guide so you have the best experience visiting the school, including online. Sign-on 5 minutes early so we can make sure the technology is working before the readings begins. You will be placed in a waiting room until it is time to start, just stand by, we'll come get you! 


Students in our Advanced Clairvoyance : Spiritual Autonomy Training offer a very special 30 minute group healing session online each month. This is a unique opportunity to receive information, clarity and through energy healing cultivate lightness of being. 

This group of healers are our most advanced students and have learned to go into a deep meditative state and look at your spirit from a "high level" or "big picture" perspective. They are not looking at the nitty-gritty of your day to day problems, goals, and obstacles - but rather at the larger picture of your spiritual goals for this lifetime; where you are on your path, where you are growing and changing, releasing karma, and what lies in wait for you as move along forward in your creative energy. The tone and vibration of this healing space is contemplative, quiet, reflective, and very unique.

As this is a group healing, you will be receiving your healing and communciation in a small group of up to eight people from all around the world. Being in a group allows you to receive the benefits of the healing energy for the full 30 minutes, and to glean insight and benefit from everyone's healing, not just your own.

All participants in this session are logged in via webcam, so there is a true sense of community, clear communication, and immediate personal impact to the session. If you have questions please contact us using the form below.