Men's Clairvoyant Training

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Advanced Clairvoyance : Men's Training
Next Training begins January 2019

All paths are the same. Therefore, pick a path with heart! - Carlos Casteneda

The Advanced Clairvoyance: Men's Training is offered as an online program for graduates of The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training (Levels 1 & 2). The pre-requisite for this 6 month training is the The Psychic Meditation Class, and successful completion of an entire year long Clairvoyant Training.

While we appreciate and understand that gender and sexuality are fluid today in new and exciting ways, this training is only offered to psychics in male bodies as it works specifically with body-level energies and awareness for Men.


  • Finding and becoming familiar with your own unique male energy vibration and male energy space
  • The energy of male sexuality and male creativity
  • Male identities and archetypes
  • The effect of male energy on the world - both inner and outer
  • How male energy affects your chakras and psychic anatomy
  • How to safely raise your spiritual vibration in a male body
  • Working with Male Information and Male Past Lives in your Akashic Records
  • Different spiritual paths for men and understanding where you are learning and growing in your male experience

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