A Space of My Own : LGBTQ Meditation Workshops

This series of workshops are curated specifically for those who identify as being part of the LGBTQ community. The focus in these unique workshops is on using the Psychic Meditation Tools to address specific energies and experiences that members of this community face day to day. 

As a queer-identifying person, you handle energies that your straight friends, colleagues, and family members don't know about and generally aren't aware of! These workshops are a safe space to learn tools and techniques for dealing with these energies in a life-affirming way that gives permission for you to be in the world on your own terms - even when it's challenging. This is an opportunity to create space for your unique energy and a queer existence in this world.

They are available drop-in style for $65 each (we recommend pre-registration) and are 90-120 minutes in length. These workshops are taught by Tieara Myers. These workshops are targeted at beginners at PPS but everyone is welcome, regardless of experience with meditation, healing or psychic energy work. Jump in and see what you can create and have with the meditation tools!

Questions? Contact tieara@portlandpsychic.school

Next Workshops
Wednesday, July 11th at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - Queer Identity
Wednesday, August 1st at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - Queer Expression
Wednesday, September 12th at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - Queer Community
Wednesday, October 3rd at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - Queer Connections (Friends, Love, Sexuality)
Wednesday, November 7th at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - Being a Queer Visionary
Wednesday, December 5th at 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central - TBD


Tieara Myers
I was a natural healer and psychic from a young age. The thing is, everyone has these abilities - it was simply that mine were turned up in my younger years. With my metaphysical studies, I longed to find understanding and community. As I grew as a psychic, healer, teacher... I learned that having the right tools you can begin to transform your life deeply. I work with women to reclaim their confidence, help to honor queer sexuality in the LGBTQ community, motivate others to believe in their dreams, and provide insight for those who feel impacted by the moon cycles. My mission in life is to always get to the heart of the matter to allow the healing to begin.