Introduction to Psychic Energy Healing

  • In Portland on Monday October 15th at 5:30pm 

  • $15 enrollment fee

  • Open to everyone, regardless of experience!

    • Learn a little bit about our Energy Healing Program, and upcoming classes and trainings

    • Receive healings from our student and staff healers

    • Experiment with some healing techniques and play with energy!

Psychic Energy Healing is the core healing technique we teach at Portland Psychic School and Online Psychic School. Come learn a little bit about how the healings program works, experience receiving healings from our students and staff, ask your questions, and find our more about our upcoming classes and trainings. This workshop is taught by our healing staff, Ryan Fukuda, Emily Robinson, and Sheyla de Jesus.

Healing is about directing energy in a safe and controlled way to create a desired or super-natural healing effect. The techniques that we teach create - in every instance - a unique opportunity for change, growth, and movement. It is not about channeling other energies as a healing, it is about owning your personal strength, value, and power as a healer to create change in yourself and the energy around you. 

Our Psychic Energy Healing Program validates each person’s unique healing abilities and their personal healing style, while simultaneously presenting specific tools and a complete form that creates consistent, dependable, and super-natural results. Our program begins with the Energy Healing Class, where you learn to turn on or enhance your personal healing abilities, and teaches how to give a healing to another person without giving your energy away. We also offer Advanced Healing Classes that focus on certain abilities and healing techniques. There is a year long Energy Healing Training for those who are looking for an in-depth and intense mastery of their healing abilities.