Healing the Empath Workshop


Healing the Empath Workshop
Sunday, October 14th 2pm-4pm in Portland
with Shannon Swallow

Most people don’t realize how much they are the effect of the emotions and energy of everyone around them.  They know they feel exhausted or depleted, but blame the cause on being too busy, working too hard or even their environment.  They miss seeing the emotional toll that can happen from daily interactions with people who may be draining or toxic themselves.  

This class builds on the tools learned in Psychic Meditation, but with a distinct focus on specific energy centers that often get overwhelmed in Empaths. We’ll dive into the 2nd(emotional space) and 4th(heart space) chakras where you’ll increase your awareness and learn how to heal from taking on so much from others.  

This workshop will help you to:

·     Help you clear other people’s energy from your emotional space so that you can start to discern what’s your vs. someone else’s emotions 

·     Shift the energy for yourself in a room if you don’t feel comfortable in it (can be helpful for work, large venues, or anywhere you’d handle a lot of energy). 

·     How to tune down the inputs you might receive from other people and places on any given day

·     How to clear an ‘energy vampire’ and get back to a new level of vitality in your own space

This class is taught by Shannon Swallow and is open to beginners who have taken the Psychic Meditation class, as well as advanced students. Enrollment is $65 and limited to 12 people.

For questions, please email shannon@portlandpsychic.school or call 503-765-7070.