Healing the Empath


5 Week Online class starting Sunday, March 18th
$325, online via webcam
Taught by Shannon Swallow
The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite

em·path (ˈempaTH/)
: a person with the extraordinary ability to feel or sense other people’s energy and emotions

Our ability to feel is a wonderful gift. It gives us a beautiful way to connect with people, places and things in this lifetime.  But for people who are highly sensitive in this space, it can feel like more of a challenge and a burden.  Instead of feeling connected, they want to isolate, separate and hide.  

Most books out there about being an Empath seem to reach the general consensus that Empaths should leave a personal interaction or a place if things get too rough.  But I don’t think this is the only way.  If you start to work with energy and energetic tools, you can learn to be aware of energy and empowered by energy without having to be the daily effect of it.  

That’s why I created this class. The tools that I teach are ones that I’ve been using for years and will start to give you a sense of space from other energies, without having to move to the wilderness!  

This class is focused on:

  • Teaching you to be aware of the energies of different spaces, how to read a room and then shift the energy for yourself if it doesn’t feel good.
  • Helping you clear other people’s energy from your emotional space so that you start to discern what’s ‘yours’ versus what is someone else’s emotions.
  • Teaching you how to set energetic boundaries tied to giving, whether you are a professional healer or just the defacto healer/diplomat/buffer in your family, work place or community.
  • Healing and protecting your energetic space so that you can better manage multiple or group interactions and with quicker recovery time.
  • Providing you tools clear energy you’ve taken on in person to person exchanges.

For questions, please email shannon@portlandpsychic.school or call 503-765-7070. 

Signs you’re an Empath:

  • You often feel like you’re on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster.
  • If someone around you feels anger, sadness or fear, you easily take on their energy and start to feel that way too.
  • You have moments where you feel like crying but it’s not connected to a specific trigger or reason.
  • You easily get exhausted or depleted by human interactions.
  • It’s hard for you to be around places with crowds of people, whether a grocery store, shopping mall or concert. Because of this, over the years you tend to get more and more isolated.
  • You get overwhelmed by ‘the pain’ of life or by an individual in pain, whether it’s someone you know or not.
  • You have a hard time setting boundaries, whether it’s at work or with close personal relationships.  
  • You often over-give and then feel resentful because you feel depleted or taken advantage of.
  • You are frequently labeled as ‘sensitive’ or ‘hyper-sensitive’ by people who are close to you.
  • You are drawn to the metaphysical, holistic therapies or wanting to be a healer, but you may end up turning away from it because you take on too much from the ones you are trying to heal.