The Art of the Healer : Psychic Energy Healing Training


The next training begins in Portland on April 15th, 2019

This training meets twice a week on
Mondays at 6pm-7pm & Thursdays at 6pm-8pm

The Energy Healer Training is broken up into two six month parts that may be taken back to back, or with a break in between. The focus in this training is on using psychic and energy awareness and your own psychic abilities to direct energy in a healing, trans-formative way. At the end of this training, you will have a full toolkit of energy healing modalities and techniques that can integrate into your established professional healing practice, or you can use to start one.  Whether or not you identify as a healer in your life or profession, or are simply interested in learning more about your own innate healing abilities, your practice and personal journey can transformed by your mastery of the art of healing and by working as a healer in your life. This training is available in-person in Portland only.

Even if you don't choose to be a "professional" healer after this training, the skill of directing and transforming energies in your own space and in the world around you can be applied to every facet of your life. Your career, health, relationships, art, creativity and all aspects of your personal spiritual journey may all be transformed by working with and mastering the art of the healer. The fun is deciding how you will apply this art and skill to your own creativity, passions, and life experience.

Energy Healing is a vital, relevant, and exciting tool to have mastery of regardless
of your personal, professional, or artistic goals.

Some of the techniques in the first six months you will learn are:

  • Healing the Spiritual Anatomy (Auras, Chakras) with specificity, nuance, and detail

  • Physical/Hands-On Body Healings

  • Healing by working the mind-body-spirit connection points

  • Movement based healing techniques

  • House, Pet, Business Healings

  • Activating Kundalini and using it as a healing energy

  • Long distance and Remote Healing

Some of the techniques in the second six months you will learn are:

  • Mastering the ability to work effectively with out of body spirit guides in a healing setting

  • Healing Karma and Past Life Energy in both body and spirit

  • Creating a Professional Healing Practice that works, and attracts clients effortlessly

  • Healing the Male/Female & Transgender Bodies

  • Healing the Psychic Abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Telepathy, Clairaudience, Mediumship)

  • Group Healings

  • Healing Creativity and the Creative Spirit

  • So much more!

The format is one 120 minute class a week and a 60 minute lab space where you get to practice your tools in real time as you learn them on classmates and outside healees, giving you experience, confidence, and reinforcement right out of the gate. This is a hands-on, experiential training where you are rolling up your sleeves and exchanging healings with others from the first day of class - in a safe, grounded, and respectful space with lots of permission to find your own way and have fun with it!

The Psychic Meditation Class and The Energy Healing Class are pre-requisite for the Art of the Healer Training.
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