Dream Readings


Dream Readings are given by students in our Art of the Dreamer : Astral Body Training and last about 45 minutes. They cost $35.

They are currently unavailable and will be offered again in the Spring.

Online readings are done via our free video conference software which you will be directed to download in advance of the reading. If you have questions, please reach out to ryan@portlandpsychic.school.

Please arrive or log on 5-10 minutes early and check out our resource guide so you have the best experience visiting the school.


When you go to sleep at night, life isn’t put on hold until you open your eyes in the morning. There is a whole other part of you experiencing, exploring, and creating when you go to dream at night.

Whether you want freedom to develop new goals and desires in your waking life, explore a recurring dream, or connect more deeply to your dreams - looking at this space can be a tremendous healing to all aspects of your life.

When you become conscious to the energy of what’s happening in your dreams, you begin to remove the boundaries and limitations separating you from the dreams you want to bring into your waking life.