Stepping into Flow: Creativity Meditation Workshops

This series of 5 workshops about creativity using Psychic meditation yools are available drop-in style for $25 each.
Classes are held online Tuesday nights at 7pm Pacific / 9pm Central time using in our online video classroom. They are taught by Kate Merena. These workshops are targeted at beginners to Psychic Meditation, everyone is welcome, regardless of experience with meditation, healing or psychic energy work. Questions? Contact

It is a misconception that some people are more creative than others, or that you have to have a creative job or hobby to consider yourself a creative. Creative energy is all around you - from the design of your clothes, the food you eat, the music that moves you. What does your unique creativity look like, and how do you use your creative energy in your life? Whether you have a project in mind or are searching for inspiration, this workshop series will help you uncover your own creative energy, and unlock its potential. Come learn some techniques for getting your energy in movement, and step into your creative flow. 

  • January 23 - Finding Your Creative Flow

  • February 20 - Owning Your Creativity for Yourself
  • March 20 - Clearing Creative Blocks
  • April 17 - Seeking and Recieving Inspiration
  • May 22 - Expressing Creativity in Body and Spirit / What Kind Of Artist Will You Be?


Kate Merena is a psychic, energy healer, curator and writer. Kate owns Sacred Art, an art gallery based in Chicago, where she represents 105 artists in a variety of media. She coaches artists in career development and curates art collections for private clients and businesses. Her writing has been published in magazines, web publications and a children's book series. Kate teaches people to view their creativity as an integral part of their everyday lives. She offers Professional Readings for $125. Click here to make an appointment.