Psychic Classes

 Meditation and Healing Classes are fundamental and all students at Portland Psychic School start here. Even for the experienced intuitive or light worker, these classes provide a basic framework for all other study at the school, and are an excellent foundation for experiencing and understanding psychic energy and its effect on our lives. In these classes you learn the basics of working with energy as a psychic, and these tools enable you to know your own creative and psychic energy in a deeper and more experiential way. 

Classes are five weeks long, and are available both online with a live teacher via webcam, and in-person at our school in Portland.
Classes are recorded so you can access and listen to the class if you have to miss a week.

Our Trainings are usually a mix of online and in-person; we find that the work transfers easily between the two and allows for maximum flexibility with people's schedules. Classes are a great way to try out both online and in-person and see what works for you. 

The Psychic Meditation Class
Next Classes start November 2017

Psychic Meditation is the core technique we practice at the school. These extra-ordinary meditation tools allow you to open your awareness to psychic energy in a safe, grounded way that makes the experience of being psychic and having your abilities available to you very real. This style of meditation opens your awareness to your own energy in a way that is validating and useful in every area of your life.


Women's Intuition & Healing Class
Next class starts Sunday, October 29th

This is a specialty class that is offered only a few times a year. Because women have their own unique anatomy, vibration and emotional makeup. In this class, you'll tune in to your ability to accept, heal, and empower yourself as a spirit in a female body.  You’ll be working tools that help you to find your sense of space and safety as a woman in the world. 


Awakening Kundalini
Next class starts in January 2018

A five week class working with Kundalini energy, which is healing for your body and spirit. 
Available in-person and online, starting in January 2018. 


Healing the Empath
Next class starts spring 2018

A five week class working with tools and techniques to address the nature of being and living in the world as an empath.
Available spring 2018, sign up for the mailing list to get updates on this class!