Meditation and Healing Classes are fundamental and all students at Portland Psychic School start here. Even for the experienced intuitive or light worker, these classes provide a basic framework for all other study at the school, and are an excellent foundation for experiencing and understand psychic energy and its effect on our lives. In these classes you learn the basics of working with energy as a psychic, and these tools enable you to know your own creative and psychic energy in a deeper and more experiential way. 

Psychic Meditation Classes

Psychic Meditation is the core technique we practice at the school. These extra-ordinary meditation tools allow you to open your awareness to psychic energy in a safe, grounded way that makes the experience of being psychic and having your abilities available to you very real. This style of meditation opens your awareness to your own energy in a way that is validating and useful in every area of your life.

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Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes are available throughout the year and focus on specific ways of working with the core tools and techniques, using your psychic abilities to create in your life. Psychic Meditation is a pre-requisite for all Specialty Classes.