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We will always encourage you to enroll in one of our in-person or online classes that are taught with a live teacher, because it is a more enriching learning experience - you get to ask your questions in real time, and learn from working with and sharing with other students during the class. But for those that don't have the time to do the live class, or if the times don't fit their schedule (especially for international students), this is great alternative option. The downloads are priced the same as our live classes because you get to keep the recordings for further practice and integration over time. 

If you have questions about these downloads or taking classes at PPS, please contact


The Path of the Mystic Advanced Meditation Class

Path of the Mystic Advanced Meditation Class
250.00 325.00

This five class meditation download is for students who have completed The Psychic Meditation Class. It builds on the tools taught in that fundamentals class with in-depth exercises, and introduces new techniques and advanced tools for working with energy as a psychic, and more than that, those who find themselves as seekers on the Mystic Path. 

Each class is 90 minutes long and includes lectures and guided meditations that you can experience on your own. Because the topics covered in this class are in-depth and wide ranging, these meditations are designed to be revisited and practiced again and again. 

When you purchase this class, you will immediately have access to the first class via a unique download link, and the last four classes will be sent in a separate download link within 24 hours.  If you have questions about this download or this class, please contact 

Kundalini Workshop for Beginners

2016 Kundalini Workshop for Beginners

This two hour workshop was presented at New Renaissance Bookstore in July 2016. It is appropriate for all levels of seekers, including beginners and those new to psychic meditation, though it is recommended you take the Psychic Meditation Class first. 

Healing the Warrior Men's Workshop

Healing The Warrior - Men's Meditation Workshop

This 2 hour workshop for Men was held on November 2nd, 2017 at Portland Psychic School. It is taught by William Pacholski, and appropriate for all levels, including beginners. It featured guided meditation and conversation about Male Energy.