Animal Communication

A Specialty Clairvoyant Workshop for current and Graduated students

  • In Portland // Saturday, March 9th, 2pm-5pm

  • To keep the class intimate, and because this workshop includes live animals, only 10 students may attend and this will fill up fast!

  • Tuition for this workshop is $95 and includes the opportunity to interact with and communicate psychically with live animals in a safe setting

  • Open to students who are currently enrolled in or have completed the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training

The Animal Communication Workshop is a specialty Clairvoyant level workshop taught by guest teacher Myan Binder. It is available to any student who is currently enrolled or a graduate of The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training.

Learn to talk to the animals using your psychic and Clairvoyant tools. 

Have you ever wanted to be able to "hear" what your pet wants to say?  Have a full on conversation or really tap into what it is they need and desire?  Do you ever want to give communication to your pet in a clear, impactful, and consistent way when they are having a rough day or week or as a means of helping them rebalance their energy? Are you interested in hearing what your pet and other animals around you have to say?  Would you like to connect with animals on a psychic level?  

As a Clairvoyant, communicating with animals can be effortless and fun - because animals communication via mental image pictures, and that’s what a Clairvoyant is so good at! This workshop is a perfect way for Clairvoyants who are animal lovers to learn new tools and techniques to open up communication with all creatures great and small. 

In this unique workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Learn how to set up a psychic space to communicate with an animal

  • Experience first hand how animals convey messages through pictures

  • Exercise your telepathic abilities and learn how to see to what an animal wants to convey Clairvoyantly

  • Practice communicating long distance with an animal (please bring a photo of your pet or an animal you would like to communicate with)

  • Learn how to give a pet reading to a person and their animal companion

In addition to these great tools, we’ve partnered with Party Animals NW, a local family-owned traveling zoo. They’ll be bringing some critters to the workshop, so you’ll get the opportunity to read and communicate with some unique animals in real time at the workshop, with the assistance of your teacher. This is a fun, engaging experience not to be missed!

We are excited to host this new opportunity for students at Portland Psychic School. This workshop is open to students who are currently in or have completed The Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training at Portland Psychic School


Taught by guest teacher Myan Binder - a healer, clairvoyant, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher based in Miami, Florida. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she went to college at the University of Wisconsin where she studied painting. 

After traveling around the world, she became a teacher, working with adult refugees as an ESL instructor and teaching preschool, she has studied art direction at the Miami Ad School, and now see clients in private practice while teaching psychic development.