Allison Felus

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About Me

I was carrying bags of extension cords to my dad’s band’s gigs as soon as I was big enough to lift them, and in the years since, I’ve been an actress, a singer, a piano player, a dancer, a radio host, a critic, a blogger, an editor, a photographer, and a zine maker. I currently work in the publishing industry, write regular posts for the blog Queen of Peaches, and make music with my partner Brian. In other words, my whole life has been in service to creativity.

Concurrently, I've always been obsessed with all things magical and mystical. Though as a child I was definitely energetically sensitive and often experienced psychic phenomena, it wasn't until I took a karate class at a rec center as a middle schooler that I started deliberately learning more about energy. Though this often manifested in the study of world religions (even leading me to minor in Religious Studies as an undergraduate and formally take precepts as a Zen Buddhist in my late 20s), I was always secretly looking for the healing techniques and transcendental experiences hiding within them.

As soon as I started formally studying how to access and develop my psychic skills, I very quickly realized that these two paths in my life had merged. The psychic stuff I was learning wasn't so weird or out-there or esoteric after all; I discovered that it actually arose from the same place that I wrote and made music from. For me, to be psychic is to be creative and to be creative is, in many ways, to be psychic.

My psychic abilities are the fount of so many of the most profound and joyful experiences in my life. I'm thrilled to be working alongside the powerful teachers here at the Portland Psychic School and assisting the growth of the next generation of clairvoyant rock stars.