The Advanced Energy Healing Class


Upcoming Class Information

  • In Portland Starting Saturday September 8th, 5 consecutive Saturdays at 11am-1pm with Ryan Fukuda

  • Tuition is $325 for the five week class

  • Because practicing is learning, all Healing Classes require a minimum of 4 students

  • The Psychic Meditation Class and The Energy Healing Class are pre-requisite, Everyone who has completed that class is welcome to enroll. See our upcoming meditation class times here.

The Advanced Energy Healing Class is a brand new offering at PPS for 2018. Whether you are an experienced healer or just beginning on your path of healing, this class teaches essential tools and techniques for working with and handling psychic energy in any healing setting. 

What is Energy Healing?

This is a five week, group class experience that gives you real, tangible, life-applicable meditation and healing tools to turn on your healing superpowers and get excited about working with energy in a new way! Building on the basic tools taught in our Psychic Meditation Class, you will be guided into a space of exploration working with energy as a healing force. Psychic Energy Healing is about directing and changing energy for yourself and for others. Healing is tactile, so most of this class will be spent practicing and experiencing giving and receiving energy healing in a safe, teacher-led space.

What will I learn?

You will learn a specific form to give someone a healing to both the psychic anatomy and the physical body. Additional tools taught in this class include neutralizing charged energy, removing energy blocks and foreign energy, and connecting someone to their own spirit in a profound way. But more than just learning these new tools and skills, you may start to uncover or reinforce what your own unique gifts and talents are as a healer so that you can bring this ability more deeply into your life - for the benefit of yourself and for others. Energy Healing is a tremendously intimate act for both the healer and the healed.

This class is taught in an experiential style with a live teacher, in a mix of conversation and lecture - but mostly on your feet practicing the healing form! You get to try first hand and experience in real time what you are learning - with lots of time for questions, clarifications, and immediate feedback. Taking this class in a group setting with a live teacher (rather than through a recording, book, or individually) leverages everyone's questions, comments, and feedback to create a truly rich and powerful learning experience.

This class presents specific, repeatable exercises and active, real-time meditation and healing tools that help you:

  • Healing Specific Aspects of the Body / Spirit Connection
  • Healing Charkas with detail and specificity
  • Healing with neutral energy rather than giving away your own energy
  • Plant, Animal, and House Healings
  • How to have a safe, effective relationship with Healing and Spirit Guides
  • Giving Long Distance Healings to Family and Friends
  • ... and so much more!

* Psychic Meditation is the pre-requisite for all of our trainings and specialty classes, and is the place to get started at PPS.  If you have questions or would like more information, please visit the link above or contact us via the form below.