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Special Summer Men's Workshop Healing The Warrior July 3rd, 7pm - Online via Webcam

Special Summer Men's Workshop
Healing The Warrior
July 3rd, 7pm - Online via Webcam

You have psychic experiences all the time. You "read" energy every day; at work, in your relationships with your family and friends, as a performer, artist, or creative - there are moments you know things you shouldn't know; or you feel a creative impulse that takes you to an unexpected and magical outcome. This is being psychic, it is reading and experiencing energy.

Being psychic is not about crystal balls, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is about trusting your own abilities, energy, and intuition - and the things you sense, see, and know.

Portland Psychic School is a place to share experiences and learn tools for having more awareness around your creativity and abilities of sensing, seeing, and knowing.


At the Portland Psychic School we teach that psychic abilities, like creativity, are natural and can be fun to play with! Like a painter works with paint, a musician with sound, and a writer with words, a psychic works with energy to create, to see, to sense, and to know. 

Join us for a workshop, a class, or a training program and make your life extra-ordinary and super-natural. All of our offerings are available both online via webcam with a live teachers, and in-person at our facility in the NW neighborhood of Portland.

The Art of the Seer :
Clairvoyant Training
Begins July 2017


The Art of the Healer :
Psychic Energy Healing Training
Begins July 2017