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You have psychic experiences all the time. You know things you shouldn't know - or you feel a creative impulse that takes you to an unexpected and magical outcome. You have moments of seeing things very clearly about other people - or even yourself. Being psychic is sensing and experiencing energy. You're being psychic every day; at work, in relationships with family and friends, as a creative artist, and as an entrepreneur.

At the Portland Psychic School we teach that psychic abilities, like creativity, are a completely natural part of life and can enhance your experience of the world around you. Like a painter works with paint, a musician with sound, and a writer with words, a psychic works with energy. 

Being psychic is not about crystal balls, reading palms, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is trusting your natural ability to experience energy - and the things you sense, see, and know. Portland Psychic School is a place to learn tools, share experiences, and become more confident in your abilities. The fun of being psychic today is deciding how you will apply this art and skill to your own creativity, passions, and life experience.

A psychic seeks energy awareness so they can more fully embody their spirit and creativity to share with the world around them. Today's psychics are working in all areas of business and the arts - they are artists, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, seekers, visionaries - and the people changing the world.

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